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(New Zealand; Austronesian, Eastern Malayo-Polynesian)

Morpheme-final non-labial nasals metathesize with a following front vowel when the nasal is preceded by a vowel that differs from it in backness.
Active Passive   UR Gloss
aroha arohaina *arohania arohan ‘love’
tahu tahuna *tahunia tahun ‘burn’
kai kaiNa *kaiNia kaiN ‘eat’
Morpheme-final segments other than non-labial nasals do not trigger metathesis.

Active Passive UR Gloss
maka makaia maka ‘throw’
awhi awhitia awhit ‘embrace’
hopu hopukia hopuk ‘catch’
inu inumia inum ‘drink’
mau mauria maur 'carry'

‘wh’= voiceless bilabial fricative or [f]

When a morpheme-final non-labial nasal is preceded by a vowel that does not differ from it in backness, metathesis fails to apply.

Active Passive UR Gloss
tohu tohuNia *tohuiNa tohuN ‘point out’
No information currently available.
Related Information:
a. Truncation deletes syllable final consonants.

UR Passive verb Nominalized verb Simple verb Gloss
mahi mahia mahiNa mahi ‘work’
motok motokia motokaNa moto *motok ‘punch’
inum inumia inumaNa inu *inum ‘drink’

b. A morpheme-initial vowel is deleted after high or front vowels. This is basically limited to the formation of the passive voice verb forms. However this language generally does not possess a great deal of inflectional morphology to begin with a vowel.

Passive verb Gloss
noho-ia ‘sit on’
mahi-a *mahi-ia ‘work’
whiu-a *whiu-ia ‘chase’

‘wh’= voiceless bilabial fricative or [f]
N = velar nasal

Last Updated: 6/18/2007
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