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(Burkina Faso and Ghana; Niger-Congo, Gur)

Chomsky and Halle (1968) posit a VV metathesis rule in Kasem whereby the first and second vowels metathesize if the second and third vowels are not [a]:

[+voc, -cons](1) [-cons](2) [+voc, -cons](3)
----> 2 1 3
except when 2 = 3= [a]

Phelps (1975) argues against the claim that there is VV metathesis in the langauge.

To our knowledge, there are no productive cases of VV metathesis.
Chomksy and Halle (1968) make use of a rule of VV metathesis to derive forms like the following:

  sg. pl. sg. pl.
UR pia + a pia + i 'sheep' babia + a babia + i 'brave'
Velar Elision        
Metathesis   pai + i   babai + i
Truncation pi + a pa +i babi + a baba + i
Contraction   pe   babe
Glide Formation        
Surface form [pia] [pe] [babia] [babe]
No information currently available.
No information currently available.
Related Information:
No information currently available.
N = velar nasal

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