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(Hungary; Uralic, Ugric)

Metathesis involves alternations in three stems; they end in Ch before a vowel and in hVC word-finally and before a consonant (where C is a liquid).
Before a vowel ('ly' = [j]):

terh-ek > 'load-PL'
pelyh-ek > 'fluff-PL'
kelyh-ek > 'chalice-PL'

Word-finally: It is assumed that the stem-final vowel in these next two sets of forms is epenthetic. See Related processes.
teher > 'load'
pehely > 'fluff'
kehely > 'chalice'

Before a consonant:
teher-nek > 'load-DAT'
pehely-nek > 'fluff-DAT'
kehely-nek > 'chalice-DAT'
Metathesis only occurs when the sounds involved are /h/ and a liquid.
No information currently available.
Related Information:
In some verbal and nominal stems, a short vowel is epenthesized word finally and before consonant-initial suffixes. No epenthesis is observed before vowel-initial suffixes. One could then assume that the final vowel of the stems which undergo metathesis is epenthesized.

bokor > 'shrub'
bokor-ban > 'shrub-Inessive'
bokr-ok > 'shrub-PL'
No information currently available.

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